viernes, agosto 03, 2012

American Physiological Society: Learning Resource

The American Physiological Society (APS) has created this site to help medical professionals and students learn more about physiology through video clips, classroom activities, and fact sheets. The materials here are contained within three primary sections: Digital Libraries, Content Updates, and Education Journals. In the Digital Libraries area, visitors can look into the BioSciedNet (BEN) Portal Site and the APS Archive of Teaching Resources. The APS Archive contains hundreds of items, such as "Plenty of Planaria," which is a student laboratory investigation designed to help students learn about stem cells. The Content Updates area includes essays about classic APS papers, such as commentaries titled "The physiology of the peripheral vestibular system: the birth of a field." Finally, the site is rounded out by the Education Journals area. Here visitors can learn about key journals, such as"Advances in Physiology Education" and "CBE Life Sciences Education," which is a free, online quarterly publication. Via The Scout Report.

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