viernes, agosto 19, 2011


Some folks might think that encouraging people to learn about the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects is just an endeavor in the United States. However, the STEMNET website demonstrates that STEM is definitely a worldly concern, as it promotes STEM in the United Kingdom. STEMNET works through the use of volunteer STEM ambassadors, and in partnership with industries that will benefit from more students entering the workforce schooled in STEM subjects. Visitors interested in the regions in which STEMNET is present, should click on the "About Us" tab, and then they can go to the "STEMNET Regional Focus" link which has a color-coded interactive map that visitors can click on to read a general overview of the region, as well as "Case Studies", "Events" and "Local Contacts". A great multimedia feature of the website that visitors shouldn't miss is the "STEMNET YouTube Channel" with more than a dozen short videos. Here users will find videos highlighting STEM Ambassadors, STEM Challenges, and various STEM-related careers, such as Planetary Scientist, Medical Physicist, and Spacecraft Engineer.

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