viernes, junio 24, 2011

Introductory Astronomy Clearinghouse: Labs

Created by staff members at the University of Washington's Astronomy Department, this online clearinghouse consists of applications, lectures, and in-class activities is designed to be used in a range of introductory astronomy courses. The materials here are divided into eight areas, including "Observing the Sky", "Solar System", "Stars", and "Milky Way Galaxy". Visitors can download each file for their own use, and while there is no formal search engine on the site, it's easy enough to just scroll down to see each item. The "The Sun" and "Stars" areas are both true gems, and they each contain at least five separate items that can be used in classrooms to illustrate ideas and concepts that include distance measures and identifying lines in the solar spectrum.
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HETS Member Institutions: Best Practices in Assessing Student Learning and Institutional Effectiveness at Lehman College

HETS it delighted to celebrate an Assessment event at Lehman College
 (Bronx, NY) to highlight the Best Practices in Assessing Student Learning and Institutional Effectiveness. This event will take place on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm at the Music Building, Faculty Dining (Ground Floor), Lehman College. For those interested, but not able to attend, just click here to watch the live UStream transmission the day of the event.

Uso de conferencias en línea para promover un aprendizaje activo

Un excelente estudio de caso que muestra la utilidad de una estrategia pedagógica donde las herramientas tecnologías promueven un aprendizaje dinámico.  Se promueve la inetracción y la clarificación conceptos de una manera que no amenaza al aprendiz.

Más detalles en Learning to Teach Online.

Consideraciones al seleccionar tecnologías

Interesante exposición sobre las consideraciones esenciales a considerar al seleccionar las tecnologías para la enseñanza en línea.

Más detalles en Learning to Teach Online.

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sábado, junio 04, 2011

Mejores escuelas para nuestros niños: ¿Qué debemos hacer?

Gary Stager, Director ejecutivo del Consorcio Constructivista, dialoga sobre lo que debe ser una escuela para nuestros niños.

¿Es el fin de los departamentos de Tecnologías de la Información? - iPads para todos

Fraser Speirs explica un proyecto de proveerle a todos sus estudiantes iPads. Proyecto realizado en una escuela privada en Europa.

Las dinámicas de la educación creativa- Sir Ken Robinson

The Dynamics of Creative Education - Sir Ken Robinson, internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity and innovation.

Summit on Science, Entertainment, and Education - Sir Ken Robinson from The Science and Entertainment Ex on Vimeo.