sábado, marzo 26, 2011

Creative Commons vs. Open Educational Resources

A continuación unas ideas presentadas por uno de los participantes en el curso sobre OER que acaba de finalizar.  Recoge unas ideas excelentes sobre el tema de Open Educational Resources yen especial Creative Commons.

Incluyo el texto usado para presentar su video en el curso.

Chris Betcher, is an educator based in Australia. He is an advocate of Creative Commons licensing in education and has removed the Non-Commercial (NC) restriction from his blog.
In the previous unit Justin Cone posed the question in his video reflection: "Is the project bigger than me?" and suggested that Creative Commons licensing is the enabler for the story to continue. The story does continue, and in this video Chris Betcher reflects on:
  • How, over the years, he has used and referenced Justin Cone's video: "Building on the past"
  • Why Creative Commons is important for educators.
  • How the connections between Justin's video reflection and this Open Content Licensing for Educators course have inspired Chris to rethink his Creative Commons license choice on his blog site.
  • His rationale for removing the non-commercial restriction.

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