viernes, septiembre 10, 2010

¿Qué hacer si mi LMS ha dejado de funcionar?

En el Chronicle of Higher Education, ProfHacker ha publicado algunas ideas que me parece que desde el punto de vista de un profesor es importante considerar.  ¡ Nunca se sabe cuando el sistema pueda estar fuera de servicio! Uno de los consejos es:
"If your course management system is the primary method by which you mass email your students, take some time at the beginning of the semester to compile all of your student's emails. That way, you can manually send out a mass email assuring them that it isn't the end of the world when the system goes down. It is probably wise to get a secondary emails – just in case your email system has gone down as well (seriously, it happens). This way, you can bypass the entire university technology infrastructure and communicate with your students."
Más detalles en: From the Vault: What To Do When Your Course Management System Goes Down

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