miércoles, julio 28, 2010

Vídeos y los derechos de autor

Interesante artículo - Movie Clips and Copyright, sobre el impacto de los nuevos lineamientos publicados por la oficina de Derechos de Autor de Estados Unidos el pasado lunes.  Se señala que:

" Librarians are usually too scrupulous, and too scrutinized by university lawyers, to assist faculty in breaking the law, says Aufderheide. Ditto campus information-technology hands. The outside possibility of an expensive lawsuit by a powerful body like the MPAA has been a deterrent, even if lawsuits against university targets have been rarely, if ever, carried out, says Aufderheide and several other experts in academe.
The new exemptions, however, will permit librarians to help professors and students decrypt, edit, and repurpose DVD content, says Aufderheide. Such services could become standard parts of the library’s service menu, which would almost certainly increase the frequency with which professors teach with excerpted film and television content."

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