sábado, julio 10, 2010

Journal of Information Literacy - Número más reciente

La edición de Verano 2010 del Journal of Information Literacy se ha publicado. Incluye:
  • Mapping Student Information Literacy Activity against Bloom's Taxonomy of Cognitive Skills: Judith Keene, John Colvin, Justine Sissons
  • A scoring rubric for performance assessment of information literacy in Dutch higher education: Jos van Helvoort
  • LibGuides in Political Science: A Gateway to INformation Literacy and Improved Student  Research: Jonathan Miner, Ross Alexander
  • QR Codes: using mobile phones to deliver library instruction and help at the point of need: Andrew Walsh
  • Using online video to promote database searching skilss: the creation of a virtual tutorial for Health and Social Care students: Karen Gravett
Incluye informes de la conferencia LILAC sobre la educación en Literacia de la Información en los Estados Unidos.

Para el texto completo puede ir a:  http://ojs.lboro.ac.uk/ojs/index.php/JIL/index

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