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10 asuntos prioritarios para Tecnología de la Información

Se ha publicado la edición más reciente de EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 45, no. 3 (May/June 2010. Contiene un breve análisis de la encuesta más reciente administrada a personal de Tecnología de la Información.

"The eleventh annual EDUCAUSE Current Issues Survey shows some very familiar themes among the top-ten IT issues of strategic importance to technology leaders in higher education. Indeed, all ten of the issues from the 2009 survey are back, albeit in a slightly different order. In addition, Strategic Planning returns as an issue of renewed importance after a two-year hiatus (there are actually eleven issues on the list this year, since two issues tied for sixth place). However, even though the issues remain basically the same, the underlying context of why these issues are on the list, and the impacts that the issues are having on IT leaders, differ this year."
"Administered by the EDUCAUSE Current Issues Committee, the electronic survey was conducted in December 2009.1 Survey participants — typically CIOs of EDUCAUSE member institutions — were asked to select the five most-important IT issues out of a selection of twenty-seven in each of four areas: (1) issues that are critical for strategic success; (2) issues that are expected to increase in significance; (3) issues that demand the greatest amount of the campus IT leader's time; and (4) issues that require the largest expenditures of human and fiscal resources.

Many of the issues that IT leaders face today reflect a fundamentally changed technology and educational climate. For example, one interesting finding is that although Outsourcing/Insourcing/Cosourcing/Crowdsourcing did not rank in the top ten as an issue of strategic importance, it appears poised to become one. It is #3 on the list of issues with the potential to become more significant. This should come as no surprise, since it seems that not a day goes by without an article appearing in the trade press, educational press, or popular press about some new service being offered in the "cloud." Likewise, more of the IT leader's time is being consumed by Governance, Organizational Management, and Leadership (#2) and Strategic Planning (#4), whereas these two issues are #6 and #9, respectively, on the list of issues critical for strategic success. IT leaders are spending an increased amount of time plotting long-term responses to both the acute pressures and the systemic changes that they and their institutions face, and IT leaders must work to make sure there are appropriate campus bodies from whom they can solicit input and vet new directions in services and support."
Top-Ten IT Issues, 2010
1. Funding IT
2. Administrative/ERP/Information Systems
3. Security
4. Teaching and Learning with Technology
5. Identity/Access Management
6. (tie). Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
6. (tie). Governance, Organization, and Leadership
7. Agility, Adaptability, and Responsiveness
8. Learning Management Systems
9. Strategic Planning
10. Infrastructure/Cyberinfrastructure
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Top-Ten IT Issues, 2010
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EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 45, no. 3 (May/June 2010): 46-60

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