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Consorcios aprendizaje-e

Fostering the European Dimension in the eLearning Programme Consortia: Catalysts for the Emergence of a European E-Learning Area, recoge información muy interesante sobre el desarrollo de iniciativas europeas que han dado como resultado la creación de consorcios para adelantar iniciativas nacionales e internacionales de educación a distancia.  Los invito a que lean los factores que contribuyeron para que se  "alinearan los planetas" y se lograrán estas iniciativas.

This article discusses the emergence of a European E-Learning Area (EELA) as a consequence of three factors observable in the e-learning developments over the past decade. The first factor consists of the carving of a policy sector in e-learning via formal instruments such as the eLearning Programme, the Lifelong Learning Programme and an array of other e-learning policy stipulations embedded in larger policy instruments at European level (e.g., Framework Programme). The second factor is represented by the mainstreaming of e-learning activities, both through formal and informal measures across multiple domains. Finally, the proliferation and consolidation of interlinked networks of practice as incubators of e-learning innovation and sharing of expertise act as the third factor in the shaping of EELA. The conceptualization of EELA, is substantiated through an analysis of the European e-learning policy documentation and the findings of a questionnaire distributed to the coordinators of projects under the eLearning Programme. Results show that the project coordinators placed the highest value on the e-learning knowledge that had been created and shared with partners from the consortia formed through the projects. The development of best practices in e-learning and the establishment of European partnerships counted as the next most rewarding aspects of their involvement in the projects. At the same time, the project coordinators seemed to lament in equal measure the time spent on administrative procedures and the limited duration of the funding provided by the eLearning Programme. In light of the research findings, theoretical and practical implications for EELA as a nascent policy domain are explored and offered as a basis for further debate on this theme.
¿Porqué no podemos lograr lo mismo en Puerto Rico?


Fostering the European Dimension in the eLearning Programme Consortia:
Catalysts for the Emergence of a European E-Learning Area
Florin D. Salajan
Teachers College, Columbia University
525 W 120th St, New York, NY 10027, USA

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