domingo, junio 28, 2009

Universidad sin paredes

Via el compañero Juan "Tito" Meléndez nos enteramos del estudio del grupo Demos, dirigido por Peter Bradwell - The Edgeless University. En el mismo se exponen ideas sobre el impacto de las tecnologías en la educación superior.

Se abunda sobre la necesidad de transformar la forma de enseñanza en las universidades británicas para aprovechar las tecnologías emergentes y abaratar los costos de la educación. Parte de su introducción señala
"Nonetheless, universities find themselves in a fragile state. The huge public investment most of the sector relies on is insecure. Universities are being asked to do more for less, from meeting the needs of a larger and more diverse student population to withstanding increased competition. Current ways of working are unsustainable. We are entering a period of critical change in which UK institutions will need to adapt to survive.

The economic and social imperatives for continuous higher learning and innovation are growing more urgent just as the primary means to achieve them come under threat. Two vital public policy aspirations are jeopardised: the need to give more people the opportunity to access lifelong learning regardless of background, and the positioning of the UK as a global centre of innovation in the knowledge economy. With an increasing diversity of students and student needs, fierce competition, and a crunch on funding, it is not surprising that some commentators are predicting the end of the university as we have known it."
¿No se parece esto a lo que está ocurriendo en Puerto Rico?

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