sábado, junio 20, 2009

Curso en línea para estudiantes sobre la deshonestidad

En el Merlot Journal of Online Learning and Teaching se ha publicado un artículo sobre el tema de la deshonestidad de estudiantes en la academia - An Online Course for Students Addressing Academic Dishonesty.
"At Kansas State University, an institutional strategy to promote academic integrity involves an honor code that is backed up by the K-State Honor and Integrity System, a student judiciary system, and the “Development and Integrity” course for students who have been found in contravention of the code. This article addresses the honor system, related university policies, and the recent development of the online version of the Development and Integrity course. This article includes an introduction, a survey of the literature, relevant pedagogical theories, a brief background, an overview of the course design and development, and lessons learned."
Otro artículo publicado en el mismo ejemplar trata el tema del plagio - Seven Strategies for Plagiarism-prooofing Discussion Threads in Online Courses y la manera en que los Foros de Discusión ayudan a minizar esta actividad.
"Online discussions are an integral part of distance education courses. They provide a means for interaction among students and the instructor about course content as well as an opportunity for students to develop critical thinking skills. A growing number of faculty, however, have expressed concern about plagiarism student submissions for online discussions. Rather than instructors policing discussion threads and then engaging in the time-consuming process of documenting occurrences of plagiarism, this paper considers whether it is possible to deter plagiarism of discussion threads through design and facilitation. Seven strategies for plagiarism-proofing online discussion threads are presented."

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