domingo, febrero 22, 2009

¿Venceremos los prejuicios de la enseñanza en línea?

En el informe del National Student Survey of Engagement, Promoting Engagement for All Students: The Imperative to Look Within muestran una clara inclinación de que hay un gran impacto al utilizar la enseñanza en línea en los estudiantes.
The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) documents dimensions of quality in undergraduate education and provides information and assistance to colleges, universities, and other organizations to improve student learning. Its primary activity is annually surveying college students to assess the extent to which they engage in educational practices associated with high levels of learning and development.
Mario Núñez resalta del estudio los siguientes aspectos:
1. Relative to classroom-based learners, both first-year and senior online learners reported more deep approaches to learning in their coursework.
2. Online courses seem to stimulate more intellectual challenge and educational gains. This suggests that integrating technology-enhanced courses into the curriculum for all students might have some salutary benefits.
3.For both first-year and senior students, online learners were more likely than classroom-based learners to:
• Very often participate in course activities that challenged them intellectually.
• Very often participate in discussions that enhanced their understanding of different cultures.
• Very often discuss topics of importance to their major.
Concuerdo con Mario que en "ya es tiempo de abandonar los prejuicios y comenzar a integrar la enseñanza en lˆnea en nuestros currículos." Con estas actividades estaremos beneficiando a nuestros estudinates.

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