domingo, diciembre 14, 2008

Videoconferencia con Dimdim

Dimdim 4.5 no requiere instalar nada en su computadora y es Gratis! En la versión gratuita puede tener hasta veinte (20) invitados. También puede adquirir por $99 anuales una versión que le epermite invitar hasta 100 personas. Entre sus nuevos atributos incluye:
* SynchroLive Web Browsing: As you scroll through a web page on your computer, your guests see what you do - synchronized and live. Visit a YouTube page, and the video will start playing on everyone's computer - instantly.
* Better Recording & Archiving: Simply press the record button to create a recording of your meeting. You can then grab a code to paste the recording on your blog or website.
* Improved Meeting Tools: Now meeting hosts can use a laser pointer on their presentations or whiteboards, turn on attendee webcams* and microphones and zoom documents.
* Improved User Interface: We made Dimdim even easier! A single click is all it takes to share your screen, whiteboard, web pages and presentations. And no install is ever required to host meetings, share webcams, whiteboards or PPTs.
* Powerful Integrations: Dimdim is now integrated with Zimbra open source email as a free zimlet, with Moodle LMS, with SugarCRM, and with Claroline. An open API and open source version is also available.

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