domingo, noviembre 16, 2008

El arte de aprender mejor: 101 orejitas

En Teaching, Heather Johnson presenta unas ayudas para que el estudiante se organice de acuerdo a su estilo de aprendizaje. Aplica para cualquier modalidad.

La introducción lee
"Sometimes, information is hard to understand just because it’s presented in a manner that just doesn’t quite appeal to the way we like to learn best. While it isn’t always possible to take every class or complete every project in a way that fits into your individual style, there are ways that you can help to ensure that you’re making the most of the material at hand. Here are a few tips to help you start improving your learning experience by helping make it work a little better with your needs, whether you’re a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner."
Se publicó originalmente el jueves, 10 de julio de 2008.

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