domingo, noviembre 09, 2008

Blackboard y Moodle

A continuación una nota publicada por Blackboard sobre una iniciativa que busca desarrollar un conector entre Blackboard y Moodle.
"Recently, we announced a partnership with Syracuse University to create a connector between the Blackboard and Sakai course management offerings. The goal of the connector is to allow for greater choice and flexibility in teaching and learning systems, and to provide greater integration between them.

Now, I’m pleased to announce we are in the process of extending this solution to another popular open source system. In partnership with Iowa State University, we are working on creating a connector between the Blackboard and Moodle platforms. Just as with our Sakai effort, we are working with the community to develop this solution, and both connectors will be free, open source extensions to Blackboard software.
The idea behind these efforts isn’t ours alone – our clients have asked us to help bridge the gap between departmental and individual instructor implementations of Moodle and their institution-wide Blackboard system deployments.

With the Learning Environment Connector for Moodle, they will be able to use their Blackboard and open source systems in concert. Instructors who can create content in the Blackboard system will able to share it with peers who are teaching with Moodle. At the same time students will be able to access their classes online from a single location, whether its offered through Blackboard or open source software. Through this technology we hope to simplify the student experience and improve the sharing of ideas throughout the institution.

Today Blackboard offers a rich set of APIs that have enabled thousands of developers to extend and customize our platform to meet individual instructional needs. This openness has spawned a large community of developers supported directly by Blackboard on our EduGarage site and that share openly through the non-profit OSCELOT community. We believe the Learning Environment Connector for Moodle will be another example of how Blackboard is providing more teaching and learning choice and innovation."

We may make statements regarding our product development and service offering initiatives, including the content of future product upgrades, updates or functionality in development. While such statements represent our current intentions, they may be modified, delayed or abandoned without prior notice and there is no assurance that such offering, upgrades, updates or functionality will become available unless and until they have been made generally available to our customers.

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