domingo, agosto 17, 2008

¿Están sufriendo cambios nuestros niños por las computadoras?

La Baronesa Greenfield es una estudiosa de la psicología del cerebro que ha comenzado a preguntarse si la exposición temprana a la computadora está afectando el cerebro de nuestros niños y su habilidad para concentrarse.
Professor Greenfield has spent a lifetime researching the physiology of the brain, and now thinks that there could be a link between the attention span of children and the growing use of computers.

In an interview for Radio 4's iPM she said: "The last 10 years have seen a three-fold increase in the prescription of the drug Ritalin, a drug used for Attention Deficit Disorder. One asks why?

"Why suddenly is there greater demand for a drug for attentional problems?" she asked. "This might, and I stress might, be something to do with the increased exposure of young children to unsupervised and lengthy hours in front of a screen."Baroness Greenfield wondered if the cause was growing computer use.

"Could it be, and this is just a suggestion which I think we should look into, could it be if a small child is sitting in front of a screen pressing buttons and getting reactions quickly for many hours, they get used to and their brains get used to rapid responses?" she said.
Debemos prestarle atención a estas investigaciones para poder atender los aspectos negativos que puedan sugerirse.

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