lunes, junio 02, 2008

Una universidad en línea fatula

De les presento esta lista de diez formas de identificar una universidad o colegio que ofrece grados fatulos en línea.
10 Ways to Spot a Fake Online University or College

"On occasion I will get a question from someone on how to spot a fake school online. Note that I am talking specifically about degree mills, not necessarily unaccredited schools, there is a difference. First let’s define a degree mill, a degree mill is a “school” that will sell you a diploma and usually provide some sort of transcript with no work or at best very, very little work. These schools generally serve as a time bomb in people’s resume and often prey upon busy working professionals. Unfortunately some people go into the deal in the full knowledge that they are buying a “degree” in order to attempt to place it on their resume, fraudulently representing an education that they in fact did not receive or earn.

The following 10 items are “indicators” of a mill, meaning that although a school which meets some of the criteria below may not necessarily be a mill it is enough to be suspicious. "

1.) If the school does not mention accreditation whatsoever or claims accreditation from an agency not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
2.) If the school requests a resume and promises unlimited life/work experience towards your degree.
3.) If the school offers a flat rate for a certain degree level. For example rather than stating an Associate of Science is $175 per credit hour they simply give you the final price upfront such as Associate of Science = $3,500. Be especially wary of doctorate degrees with a fixed price.
4.) If the school request payment for the entire program upfront, usually using a credit card.
5.) If the school accepts Paypal.
6.) If the school has an almost exhaustible list of majors in almost any area you can conceive of including at the doctorate level.
7.) If the website will not mention the actual name of the school or schools from which you will “earn” your degree. These websites often claim to protect the university’s reputation by acting as the middle man to have your credentials reviewed. As the old Sarge would say, “Bravo Sierra”!
8.) If you cannot find any mention of the faculty, president, etc. anywhere on the website.
9.) If the school’s website is on one of those freebie “build your own” web hosting sites.
10.) If the school offers a “free sample” of what your diploma and or transcript or an image of what it would look like.
Again these 10 items are not guarantees that you are looking at a degree mill, but they are pretty good indicators.

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