martes, mayo 13, 2008

Grados otorgados en línea aumentan en popularidad

La demanda por oportunidades de estudiar en línea han crecido dramáticamente según un informe dado a conocer por el American Educational Guidance Center, líder en proveer información sobre grados otorgados en línea.
"Two years ago, approximately 500 people a month used our Web site to request information from online colleges," said Daniel Kane, director of the American Educational Guidance Center. "Now, that number is closer to 5,000 a month."
Students are turning to online colleges and universities for a number of reasons. Some of the biggest, Kane said, include:
Increased scholarship opportunities - As more major colleges and universities create their own online programs, more scholarships and grants are becoming available to online learners. This is opening the door even wider for students to take advantage of online universities and degree programs.

Increased employer acceptance - Employers are seeing the benefits of online college degree programs in which their employees can improve their skills and knowledge without interrupting their careers. Therefore, more employers are willing not only to recognize degrees that come from online colleges, but also to reimburse employees for their educational expenses.

Flexibility and ease of scheduling - "Students are drawn to online universities and colleges because it is far easier for them to pursue a degree on their own schedule, from any location that offers Internet access than to have to be in a classroom at a specific time. Many of the traditional barriers to education are being eliminated thanks to online learning.
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