miércoles, mayo 21, 2008

Blackboard demandado por infringir patente

Ahora se "invierte la tortilla". Blackboard ha sido demandado por infringir una patente de una compañía de nombre TechRadium, en Texas, Alegadamente Blackboard a violentado la patente de sistemas de notificación masiva. Una copia de la demanda se encuentra aquí. A continuación se resumen los aspectos más destacados de la demanda.
- Tech Radium is suing Blackboard for violating three patents, some but not all of which are education-specific. This may or may not matter to you, depending on how you feel about software patents in general versus edupatents in particular.
- Tech Radium has held at least one of these patents for 2 years but is only filing suit now. It’s likely that NTI wasn’t big enough to go after from a financial perspective but that Blackboard is.
- As is usually the case in these sorts of situations, Blackboard has a strong economic motive to settle quickly. They now have first-hand knowledge of how long and expensive a patent fight can be. They will want to eliminate any uncertainty in their market around their product, which has apparently been selling well, as quickly as possible. And they are big enough that they can probably afford to pay royalties.
- Tech Radium also has strong incentive to settle quickly. Getting a settlement from Blackboard would strengthen their infringement case against any other challenger, effectively blocking other likely entrants—including open source entrants—into this market.

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