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Profesor: curso en línea vs presencial

Susan Lowes publica sus resultados de un estudio sobre el profesor que se desempeña tanto, en cursos presenciales (salón de clases tradicionales) como en cursos en línea. Lowes intenta rastrear los cambios que hace el profesor en ideas, estrategias y practicas que restringen o mejoran su desempeño. Sus conclusiones son:
"While there is now a considerable literature on the characteristics of successful online courses and on how to bring good pedagogy into the online learning environment, there is as yet little research on the effect of teaching online on teachers and even less on how teaching online can shape teaching in the face-to-face classroom. This study, although preliminary and confined to one setting, suggests that the trans-classroom teacher's migratory journey to and from the online classroom can transform that teacher's face-to-face classroom practice in subtle and important ways.

At the same time, this work raises a number of questions, some for future research and some with practical implications. One question is central to a better understanding of what an online classroom is and how it works: How much of the change that these teachers reported can be attributed to the general constraints and affordances of the online environment—particularly distance and asynchronicity—and how much to other factors, such as the specifics of the VHS model of virtual schooling, the VHS approach to professional development, or even the self-selected nature of this group of teachers? It seems likely that the professional development experience was particularly important, but more research is needed to see if these findings hold true for other online teachers.

Finally, there are practical questions that are worth considering as the field of online teaching grows. Can we, and should we, find ways to develop more trans-classroom teachers or to make nascent trans-classroom teachers more so, by encouraging more teachers to teach in both venues and by encouraging online teachers to reflect on the changes they make when teaching online? Can we, and should we, deliberately find ways to encourage the transfer of successful aspects of online pedagogy back to the face-to-face classroom, capitalizing on what these trans-classroom teachers have learned by treating them as resources for their face-to-face classroom counterparts? This research, exploratory though it is, suggests that giving more teachers the opportunity to teach online, as well as deliberately encouraging those who do teach online to share what they have learned with their fellow classroom teachers, provides an opportunity to strengthen teaching in both environments."
Claramente menciona áreas de estudio que valen la pena explorar para ayudar a aclarar la importancia de incorporar el aprendizaje a distancia como una modalidad de enseñanza que puede ser tan efectiva como la enseñanza tradicional.

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