lunes, febrero 18, 2008

ICDE International Conference - Dominican Republic

El International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) ha anunciado su conferencia internacional ha celebrarse en República Dominicana del 24 - 26 de noviembre de 2008. A continuación algunos detalles.
The conference will be hosted by the University of the Caribbean, located in the city of Santo Domingo.

It will be an excellent opportunity to consolidate or to begin strong institutional relationships, discover new opportunities for cooperative work, and to learn about new practices and research in the field of education and technology. It is a great occasion to exchange knowledge, experiences and views with different experts present at the meeting.

Experts in the field will meet and reflect on the main contemporary problems in Distance Education, and generate proposals oriented toward researchers, educators and administrators interested in our field.

ICDE invites all those concerned with education in our field from all regions of the world to attend and participate actively in the event.

The main theme for this event will be "Current Challenges of Virtual Learning” - inclusion and citizen participation, research and development, commitment and social responsibility, fields of application, construction and management of knowledge.

The aim is to gather knowledge, experiences, opinions and positions of experts in the field, and discuss the following sub-themes:
- Distance Education as an element of Social Inclusion and Civic Participation
- Research and Development in Distance Education
- Construction and Knowledge Management through Distance Education
- Contributions from Distance Education in their different fields of application
Pueden encontrar más detalles aquí.

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