sábado, enero 12, 2008

Nuevas tecnologías: "3-D pictures of a cancer-promoting enzyme"

Me pareció interesante este estudio y la manera en que nuevas tecnologías han provocado cambios en las nuestras vidas.
"Researchers at Johns Hopkins have built a 3-D picture of an enzyme which can promote many types of cancers after mutation. This enzyme, known as PIK3CA, "is mutated frequently in many cancers, including colon, brain, stomach, breast and lung." According to the researchers, the new details discovered about the enzyme structure could help scientists design new drugs to fight these cancers. Already, there is a clinical trial of a broad-spectrum drug that targets all PI3K family members. But the scientists hope that new trials will begin soon to evaluate drugs focused on PI3Ká, the only form that is mutated in cancers."
Para más detalles lea aquí.
Referencias: Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions news release, January 4, 2008; Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HMMI) news release, December 17, 2007; and various websites.

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