viernes, noviembre 23, 2007

Se acerca el "e-paper"

En el blog de David Warlick - 2¢ Worth se menciona una nueva tecnología que se avecina que va a revolucionar la forma en que se toman notas en una conferencia, clase, etc. A continuación una reseña con los comentarios y preguntas de Jeff Whipple.
I have heard a lot about e-paper over the last couple of years, but hadn’t really seen much evidence as to the possibilities of it replacing traditional paper - until now.

The new Livescribe paper-based computing platform is due out at early in the next year. Complete with a “smartpen”, e-paper, applications, etc, this system will allow users to write, much like on traditional paper. The difference is that content is digitally translated, stored and is sharable via email or other tools like blogs. Imagine a whole class full of students making notes and connections.

There are also translation features - will students even need to share a common language to work together? - and notes, sketches and voice can be auto-posted to blogs and other web 2.0 tools.

Some subjects that require creation of graphics and working with non-linear text and numbers (e.g. Math) just lend themselves easier to pen and paper. This platform would allow learners to maintain the flexibility of handwriting with the even more portable and affordable nature of this medium as opposed to a laptop with a graphics tablet or even a tablet PC.

I have some questions…does it work in colour? Connectivity options? Does it connect wirelessly to a PC? I would love to get my hands on one to explore further…but the possibilities are mind-boggling…:)

A continuación un video corto que explica su funcionamiento.

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