lunes, octubre 22, 2007

Usando blogs en educación

Martin Ebner y Hermann Maurer de Graz University of Techonology presentaron este estudio sobre el uso de blogs en educación superior en e-Learn (15-19 de octubre de 2007), Quebec City, Canada. A continuación algunos detalles y la presentación usada.
"This paper describes a Web2.0 approach to distant teaching a master course for students of informatics on Graz University of Technology. The course has been implemented by using a blogosphere for writing and collaborating. Students were able to choose whether they contribute to a new didactical concept on voluntary basis instead of writing the essays in a traditional way. The aim is to show that a good didactical concept combined with technological implementations can enhance the purposes of learning and teaching at educational institutions. The complete concept as well as all implementations are described and discussed. The publication points out that the use of the blogosphere named TU Graz LearnLand helped to turn the content of the lecture to a more student-centered one. In the end it must be taken into account, that this considerable effort requires a change of the role of the lecturers."
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