viernes, junio 01, 2007

El Futuro de la Educación

La Universidad de Manitoba auspicia la conferencia en línea - El Futuro de la Educación. El evento es del 4-8 de junio. Completamente gratis.

He aquí una reseña:
"An international panel of leading thinkers and visionaries will present on topics such as knowledge and authority, technology and art, and complexity science. Daily live discussions (which will be recorded) will be held June 4 - 8. Keynote presenters are listed below. In addition to daily keynote presentations, a series of excellent 20 - 30 minute presentations will address how various experts perceive tomorrow’s education system and processes.View the Schedule of Presentations for correct times.

To extend the live presentations, we will hold ongoing discussion in Moodle - allowing conference attendees to participate actively in the conference.”

Entre los presentadores se encuentran:

Jay Cross —
Mark Oehlert —
Vicki Davis —
Julie Lindsay —
Dave Cormier —
Brian Lamb —
Cheri Toledo —
Teemu Leinonen —
MaryFriend Shepard —
Chris Sessums — http://w
Teemu Arina —

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