sábado, abril 21, 2007

Estación de imágenes de microscopio

En ocasiones pensamos que no contamos con los recursos tecnológicos para que nuestros estudiantes puedan adquirir ciertos conocimientos. He qquí otro ejemplo de como el Internet y los recursos disponibles en la Web están a nuestro alcance.
"The Exploratorium in San Francisco continues to break new and intriguing ground with their latest online project, the Microscope Imaging Station. The actual physical Station resides at their museum, and was opened in 2004. Developed to complement this interactive exhibit, this online manifestation of the Station allows visitors to peer into the cells of living organisms such as sea urchins and zebrafish. The sea urchin feature is a real treat, as it is accompanied by a well-written essay on how this spiky creature may help unlock the secrets of genes, reproduction, and cancer. If that wasn’t enough, the essay (as with other features on the site) includes a short video clip. The “Gallery” is definitely worth a stop as well. Here, visitors will find a wide range of high-resolution images and movies created with research-grade microscopes. Watching cells move, the fertilization process and the world of mitosis is a rather nice way to spend a few minutes, and visitors will probably want to pass the site along to friends and family."
Los invito a que naveguen por este espacio y utilicen los recursos en sus cursos.

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