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Aprendizaje a Distancia Bilingüe que Funcione: Se Necesita Ahora

Recientemente se publica en Xplanazine una reseña sobre la necesidad de preparar programas de aprendizaje a distancia efectivos para las comunidades bilingües. Es necesario proveerle educación y adiestramiento que beneficie a los grupos hispanoparlantes y de otros idiomas en los EStados Unidos. Esta actividad se debe realizar a la brevedad posible para desarrollar el potencial humano, comunidades y las economías entre el espectro de grupos demográficos ysocio-económicos, profesiones y vocaciones.

Les ivito a que accedan a un podcast donde se trata este tema.

He aquí algunas realidades que se deben atender para los hispanoparlantes.
Distance education for Spanish-speakers must accommodate the following realities:

**Technology - Internet cafes are common throughout the Spanish-speaking world and individuals are comfortable with communicating via e-mail; also downloading images, music, etc. But the time and access are definitely limited. It is best to have instructional content and activities developed for off-line access.

**Language - the best bridge is to offer courses in Spanish and also in English. Each course should have, at the very least, a glossary of Spanish-English terms to encourage the bridge.

**Training and Practical Application - the pressure to support one's extended family makes vocational and technical training more attractive than liberal arts. That said, it is important to keep in mind that without solid foundations in basic skills (writing, reading comprehension, English as a Second Language, math), vocational training is not likely to be as successful as it could be.

**Reading and Writing - because of the pressure to discontinue studies, many students may need extra support in reading and writing courses. Developmental reading, writing, and math should form the foundation of all courses, even technical or vocational training.

**Situated Learning - Making lessons relevant and immediately useful to individuals is vital. It's important to include items that are of public service and which help advance the community as a whole. For example, students studying vocational and technical topics may benefit from safety tips that are provided in an accessible manner.

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