miércoles, febrero 21, 2007

Poder del e-portfolio para construir destrezas de presentaciones en línea

La siguiente sinópsis explica el artículo que les invito a leer.

" Describing the results of an e-portfolio contest and attendant research conducted at the University of Washington (UW), Cara Lane discusses student attitudes toward e-portfolios and argues for the usefulness of e-portfolios as a means for students to develop professional and academic presentation skills as well as basic technology skills. Lane suggests that when students are oriented to the differences between social and professional online spaces, given creative control of their e-portfolios, and provided the technical tools with which to work, they can find the most effective way to utilize multimedia development strategies for their own distinctive career goals. After addressing these points, Lane advocates the integration of e-portfolios in the higher education curriculum, illustrates the ways in which this integration has taken place at UW, and outlines some fundamental principles that should inform e-portfolio pedagogy for academic institutions seeking to take this step in their own programs."
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